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October 14, 2011

Legend ongoing research into web tools,we come across dozens of new options every week – scripts, plugins, WordPress themes, browser extensions, native apps, web services, libraries, frameworks, web templates, graphic packs and so much more. we have put together a categorised list of 50 amazing web tools that can benefit web designers or frontend developers. HTML CSS & Sass

  • JavaScript
  • Design tools
  • RWD & Mobile
  • SVG and best of the rest

HTML, CSS & Sass Tools 01. ai2html

This is an open-source script that converts your Ilustrator documents to HTML and CSS, from the developers at the New York Times. It looks like a really powerful and useful tool for designers who work in Adobe Illustrator. The script is a JavaScript file that you download and drop into the scripts folder of your Illustrator install.

02. PostCSS

The community around PostCSS is gaining momentum and growing steadily. It's a toolkit of JavaScript plugins that helps you take advantage of the latest standards and conveniences in CSS development, and it’s well worth looking into.

03. Autoprefixer

You're not still writing CSS vendor prefixes by hand, are you? Keep your development files clean and let Autoprefixer (now a PostCSS plugin) do the hard work for you as part of your build process

04. UIkit

While Bootstrap and Foundation are the clear winners in terms of popularity in the framework space, UIkit is worth checking out. Its core features and interface components are right up there with the big kids on the block.

05. AniCollection

AniCollection is a library of CSS animations. It sports an interface that lets you easily add animations to your collection and quickly grab the necessary HTML, CSS or JavaScript code to implement them in your project. You can even submit your own.